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And guess what? We are not a transparency tool.

At HealthPro, we help patients find affordable, convenient and quality care by partnering with providers to secure premium access and competitive pricing.

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Accountable to You




Our approach results in less out-of-pocket spend, which benefits the employer and the employee. Our HealthPro coordinators ensure that employees are well informed and educated about their healthcare options so they are more likely to follow through with the services they need and avoid expensive alternatives to care. And we offer employers the opportunity to incentivize their employees to make more cost effective healthcare decisions, even after they hit their deductible.




Our relationships with healthcare providers go beyond price. Providers already know about the patients they serve, but what about the patients that chose another provider? We offer insights on behaviors of existing patients, as well as insight on the patients that got away, so providers can grow their business. When providers team up with HealthPro, they have access to educated and informed patients who are more likely to seek care and keep their scheduled appointments.




The current healthcare system is confusing. Most people don’t feel like they have options and lack an understanding of what they are purchasing and exactly how their insurance plan works. With personal guidance from our HealthPro coordinators, patients take an active role in making their healthcare decisions and have access to preferred appointment times with rates up to 40% lower than traditional insurance plan prices. Plus, our team will explain the process and answer insurance-related questions ahead of time.

In 2014, HealthPro facilitated over 5,000 patient referrals.

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How HealthPro Works

Step 1
1. Primary care provider recommends additional care for patient
Step 2
2. HealthPro coordinator automatically receives notification
Step 3
3. HealthPro contacts patient to review preferences and options
Step 4
4. Patient’s appointment is scheduled and confirmed by HealthPro
Step 5
5. Results from the appointment are sent to referring provider
And when it’s all said and done, we deliver valuable insights to the provider and the employer.

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The Making of HealthPro


HealthPro grew out of real market needs identified through an early partnership with OurHealth, an onsite employer clinic provider, where one in every ten visits results in a referral to another provider. There was a clear need for centralized referrals to enhance the patient experience. That’s when HealthPro was created—a program designed to personally connect patients to providers with guidance from an expert healthcare coordinator.

Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of patients access healthcare referrals while saving them time and money. We partner with providers to offer our patients real-time competitive rates, so there’s no uncertainty. At HealthPro, we think everyone should be accountable when it comes to healthcare so everyone wins.

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What People Are Saying About HealthPro

“The HealthPro coordinators make my job of getting patients to complete their imaging or other referrals much easier, especially when considering financial barriers for the patients.”

Referring Provider

“As someone who recently relocated, it was very beneficial to have a live person to talk to and someone who could thoroughly answer my questions. It’s a great human touch.”

HealthPro Patient

“I was very pleased with everyone I came in contact with during the process. Everyone was friendly, efficient and extremely helpful. I also saved about $600, so thank you!”

HealthPro Patient

“Through working with the coordination team, we have all the important demographic, medical and insurance information about the patient before their appointment. This saves us time, allowing us to focus on the patient and provide quality care.”

Imaging Center Referral Provider

HealthPro has access to direct rates 40% below insurance prices on average.

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Meet Our HealthPros

We’ve built transparency tools, served as patient navigators, worked as medical assistants, analyzed patient experiences and optimized communications—we even have a biomedical engineer. But above all, we are healthcare consumers. We understand that healthcare is confusing, and we know how to fix it.

HealthPro has reduced patient no-show rates by 75% for providers.

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If you are already a member and need assistance, email coordinator@yourhealthpro.com or call 317.983.3200.

We would like to be part of your story by sharing ours. If you’re a member of the media and are interested in interviewing one of our HealthPros, contact Ty Spisak at tspisak@yourhealthpro.com or 317.517.8867.

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